How to Build a Skin Care Routine Customized for You

How to Build a Skin Care Routine Customized for You

July 29, 2019

The beauty and skin care world are finally catching up to the rest of us: one size (color, formula, etc.) does not fit all. 

Skin is complex and variable, and different people need different products to feel their best and keep their skin healthy. Several factors influence your skin’s condition, from your genes to your lifestyle, environment and the weather. So, learning how to build a skin care routine customized to your unique needs is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy.

How to Build a Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Determine Your Skin Type (And Needs)

The first step in building a skin care routine? Knowing your skin. Skin types can generally be split into four categories, each with unique needs.

Normal Skin
This skin type is least problematic, as it neither too oily nor too dry. Though “normal” is a common way to refer to this skin type, it’s anything but common. Balanced moisture is a great skin care goal, but is by no means something most people have naturally.

Dry Skin
Dry skin can be easily agitated by elements, sun, and wind and appear itchy, flaky, and rough when irritated. Paying special attention to moisturizers is important for those with this skin type.

Oily Skin
Oily skin has increased sebum production which can make it look greasy or shiny. This can also mean skin is acne prone which can be made worse with certain cleansers, moisturizers, or makeup. 

Combination Skin
The most common skin type, combination skin is characterized by patches of oily skin on the forehead and nose (the T-zone), but normal or dry skin along the cheeks and jawline.

Step 2: Learning About Other Skin Factors

Creating your customized routine doesn’t stop at knowing which of the four skin types you have. Other factors go into finding the perfect products and regimen for your skin. 

Sensitive Skin
Products can easily dry out sensitive skin and make it itchy and irritated, especially if the products contain unnatural fragrances or harsh chemicals. 

This condition causes patches of skin to appear darker than the surrounding skin, often appearing where sun exposure is frequent. Sunscreen is an important part of any skin care routine, but especially for those prone to hyperpigmentation.

Mature Skin
As we age our skin elasticity weakens and wrinkles form. Skin typically becomes increasingly sensitive, and skin care needs can change, including the type of moisturizer that’s right for you.

Cyclic Acne
With cyclic acne, breakouts happen at certain times of the month and during puberty. For milder cases, a moisture balancing product with salicylic acid can be useful in preventing clogged pores.

Step 3: Customize The Four Basic Steps of a Skin Care Routine

When creating your ideal skin care regimen, remember that most routines contain these four basic steps:

  • Cleanse by washing your face
  • Treat special concerns (hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc.)
  • Moisturize to hydrate and soften skin
  • Protect using sunscreen

  • Your skin type and factors will determine what products work best for each step. Certain skin types may benefit from additional steps like exfoliating. Some individuals may want to include things like serums for fine lines or pay special attention to the area around their eyes. We offer sample sizes so that individuals can test products and determine what works.

    Step 4: Meet Your Match with Theoderma

    With the amount of information (and misinformation) available, the misleading labeling of products and the complexity of the factors to consider, determining the perfect routine can be overwhelming. That’s one of the reasons we created our product line. Truly clean beauty products that actually help you reach your skin care goals without causing any unnecessary irritation.

    Theoderma offers custom recommendations based on a few simple questions with our Meet Your Match tool. Give it a try, and see (and feel!) the difference a customized skin care regimen can make.

    Savy Guthrie has been a PA working in dermatology for 17 years and has worked in medicine for 20 years overall.  She has treated tens of thousands of patients, helping them achieve healthy, beautiful skin. 

    Savy Guthrie is a dermatology PA with 17 years of patient care experience and is the founder of Theoderma Skin Care.

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