Our Most Popular Anti-Aging Products

Our Most Popular Anti-Aging Products

April 15, 2019

Do Wrinkle Creams Really Work?

There’s no cream on the market that’s going to eliminate all signs of aging overnight, because as we all know, there’s no miracle cure. However, when you use a cream or serum that’s mindfully crafted with the highest-quality ingredients, there are three anti-aging benefits you can count on.

  • Cell Turnover and Recovery

  • Boosting cell turnover and recovery is a key component to achieving healthier (and younger looking) skin. It’s important to stimulate your body’s collagen production which can jumpstart the cell recovery process.

  • Protection from Further Damage

  • Giving your skin plenty of antioxidants is a smart way to repair and protect your skin. With the right blend of antioxidants, your wrinkle cream can reduce damage caused by free radicals as well as prevent future oxidative damage.

  • Strengthening of the Skin Barrier

  • Your skin barrier, also known as the lipid layer, is the outermost layer of your skin. When it’s functioning properly, it keeps moisture in and irritants out. A well-designed wrinkle cream will strengthen and protect your skin barrier by providing gentle and effective hydration with the perfect blend of fatty acids.

    Our Most Popular Anti-Aging Products

    C-FE Antioxidant Serum (Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid)

    This specially crafted serum is full of ingredients designed to help environmentally stressed skin. It’s formulated with malic acid to gently exfoliate your skin and Vitamin C to boost cell turnover. As your cells regenerate, they’re protected with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps defend against UVB damage. Finally, the sugar apple tree seed extract plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  

    Fine LIne Fix Restorative Serum

    This anti-aging powerhouse is designed to provide big results without any of the harsh effects that may be experienced when using a mass-produced drugstore wrinkle cream. It’s three primary ingredients provide the ideal blend of antioxidants to vitamins to plump and protect your skin.

    DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid provide nourishment by way of antioxidants and B vitamins while the CoQ10 reduces damage from the sun and free radicals while boosting your skin’s overall antioxidant protection.

    Explore Theoderma’s Skin Care Line

    If you’re still wondering, “Do wrinkle creams really work?” give Theoderma a try! Our mindfully crafted creams and serums will help you get your healthiest skin ever. Shop our full line or use our Meet Your Match tool to find products designed specifically for you.

    Savy Guthrie has been a PA working in dermatology for 17 years and has worked in medicine for 20 years overall.  She has treated tens of thousands of patients, helping them achieve healthy, beautiful skin. 

    Savy Guthrie is a dermatology PA with 17 years of patient care experience and is the founder of Theoderma Skin Care.

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