Phenoxyethanol in Skin Care: A Natural Preservative | Theoderma

Phenoxyethanol in Skin Care: A Natural Preservative | Theoderma

February 28, 2019

If you’re a concerned consumer, chances are you’ve read about the potential dangers of many preservatives used in the beauty industry. Two of the most well-known preservatives, parabens and formaldehyde, are on many people’s list of ingredients to avoid (for good reason). Thankfully, there are safer alternatives available. Read on to learn about how phenoxyethanol in skin care products can provide safe and long lasting products without undermining their efficacy.

Why Are Preservatives Used in Skin Care Products?

Simply put, preservatives are used to keep products from growing bacteria, mold and yeast. For any skin care product that you intend to use for longer than a month, it’s critical that they contain some type of preservative to ensure your safety.

Tip: Be mindful of expiration dates. Expired products don’t just lose their efficacy, they can also cause skin irritation if the preservative is no longer active and the product becomes contaminated.

What is Phenoxyethanol?

Phenoxyethanol (PE) is a preservative found naturally occurring in green tea and chicory. For commercial purposes, phenoxyethanol has been synthetically re-created in a laboratory. This is known as making a “nature identical” chemical. Phenoxyethanol is a clear, colorless and chemically stable liquid that acts as an effective antimicrobial against bacteria, yeasts and mold.

Is it Safe to Use Phenoxyethanol in Skin Care Products?

The EU and Japan permit the use of phenoxyethanol in skin care products when it is limited to 1% or less. And, when it is used in trace amounts, it’s shown to be a safe and effective

preservative, with no evidence of being a carcinogenic risk. And, in a recent study, phenoxyethanol was found to be the safest preservative available for use in a neonatal intensive care unit.

At Theoderma, Phenoxyethanol appears in only one of our products, as the preservative used in the Swiss Apple Stem Cell. This peptide is a revolutionary ingredient that evens tone, brightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It can be found in our Honeysuckle Brightening Serum.

The overall content of phenoxyethanol in the Honeysuckle Brightening Serum is less than one hundredth of one percent. At such a minuscule concentration, other brands may omit it from their label—especially since it’s not an ingredient in the actual product formula—but we believe that transparency is important.

Looking for Mindfully Created Skin Care Products?

At Theoderma, we choose our ingredients carefully and craft our products mindfully. Shop our line or use our Meet Your Match tool to see what we’ve crafted for you.

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