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Summer Skincare Essentials

June 14, 2020

Summer Is Almost Here- Is Your Skin Ready? 


It’s almost that time…Ruby red watermelons. Buzzing honeybees. Ice cold sweet tea. A mouth-watering slice of strawberry pie—summertime is just days away.

You’re dreaming of golden day trips to the beach (with proper social distancing), lounging poolside with a fresh lemonade in hand, kids chasing fireflies in the sticky sweet air and epic cornhole battles in the backyard.  But you should also be dreaming of...sunburns. And irritated skin. And skin damage. And wrinkles, and UV rays, and free radicals, and toxins, and sweat, and clogged pores! But, do not fear—though these summer skin problems seem more like a nightmare, there are a few simple ways to keep your skin protected, healthy, and radiant during the sun-kissed months ahead.

Everyone knows UV rays are harmful to skin. While it may feel good to soak up the sun after so many months living the indoor quarantined life, it’s important to your health and skin to soak it up responsibly.  Most dermatologists (and Derm PAs) recommend avoiding sunlight between the hours of 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Unfortunately, maintaining this kind of discipline is difficult during the enticing summer months—so, if you’re a die-hard sun worshipper, it’s best to make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself and maintain healthy skin.

Here’s A Few Summer Skincare Tips


Tanning oils are out. SPF 30 is in. Find a sunscreen with added elements like nanoparticle-free zinc oxide that will not only protect your skin from sun damage, but will also improve your overall complexion and provide vital antioxidants to combat free radicals. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right? And, remember—apply sunscreen before makeup or any moisturizer to achieve maximum skin protection.


Wear Less Makeup

You wouldn’t want to wear a parka in July, would you? Negative. Your skin needs to breathe in hot weather, just like the rest of your body. Piling on heavy layers of makeup during periods of heat and humidity can stress-out your skin and cause breakouts. Opt for lighter makeup in combination with a natural, light-nude tint sunscreen to keep skin healthy and radiant.


Who doesn’t love a good sunhat? Find yourself a wide-brimmed, tight-knit hat that provides shade for your entire face and neck. Note: Baseball hats and visors aren’t as effective because they cover less surface area. Just because you can’t see the tops of your ears or the back of your neck, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t wreaking havoc upon them.

It’s Time for a New Cleanser

If you’re a creature of skincare habit, chances are you haven’t thought about changing your face wash in years. However, summer is the perfect time to change it up with products that include natural ingredients designed for your specific skin type. The right cleanser should gently exfoliate without stripping skin of its protective oils or creating dryness and irritation. It’s important to understand that just because you’re sweating all day, doesn’t mean your face wash needs to be capable of stripping the paint off an aircraft carrier.

Start a Summer Fling with Serum

If you haven’t added a powerful antioxidant serum to your skincare routine, summer is the time to do it! Antioxidant rich serums not only help maintain skin hydration, but also protect your skin from environmental stressors and free radicals, helping to promote collagen production, fight against hyperpigmentation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Find yourself a product with ingredients like Vitamin C—one of skin’s most powerful allies, or resveratrol—another antioxidant powerhouse.  

Apply your serum first, allow it to soak in and then apply your sunscreen.  What I do is brush my teeth after I put my serum on, that gives me 2 minutes of absorption which is plenty. 

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

This may sound like a no brainer, but guess what? You need to drink a ton of water every day during the summer to stay hydrated!

Nearly 80% of Americans don't drink enough water. Without proper hydration, skin becomes dry and dull and can lose its vitality and elasticity. The best way to remember to drink water is to carry a refillable water bottle with you and drink throughout the day.  Staying hydrated will allow your brain, body, and skin to function optimally during the dehydrating summer months. Not a big fan of water, eh? No problem—coconut water and iced decaf green tea are excellent alternatives to plain water, and don’t add unnecessary sugars and calories like juices and sodas do.

And don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet. Citrus, berries, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and even dark chocolate all contain powerful antioxidants as well, allowing you to utilize an inside/out approach to protecting your skin.

Now You Are Ready To Face The Summer

Summer is a time for us all to enjoy long days and warm nights, to get outside and take deep breaths, and to become active again. With the proper products and regimen in place, you can protect your skin and repair damage, leading to vibrant, youthful skin. 

Theoderma was founded by a dermatology PA with 17 years experience, who wanted more for her patients.   Our product line is built on premium antioxidants blended with clean actives to deliver maximal results.  Experience is what sets us apart, so experience the difference for yourself! 


Savy Guthrie has been a PA working in dermatology for 17 years and has worked in medicine for 20 years overall.  She has treated tens of thousands of patients, helping them achieve healthy, beautiful skin. 

Savy Guthrie is a dermatology PA with 17 years of patient care experience and is the founder of Theoderma Skin Care.

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