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Vegan Wrinkle Creams vs. Traditional Wrinkle Creams

March 10, 2020

Did you know that many traditional wrinkle creams and vegan wrinkle creams use the same ingredients? But, many ingredients that go by the same name may be derived under very different circumstances. In this post, we’ll review three common skin care ingredients that may be listed the same on a product label, but have entirely different origins.  


Glycerin is an important part of many skin care products, as it can be a very effective humectant. Humectants draw moisture in from the air around you and can help to keep your skin moist making it a key ingredient in many wrinkle creams. However, as a consumer it can be difficult to know how the glycerin in your product was created.

Some companies use animal-derived glycerin which comes from boiling down the tallow of cows or sheep. However, vegetable-based glycerin is equally effective. Be sure to check your labels for ‘plant-based glycerin’ or better yet, buy vegan certified products.


Squalene is a naturally occurring organic compound that is found in all plants and animals. When it comes to skin care, squalene is a great moisturizer and emollient. Unfortunately, the practices used to obtain non-vegan squalene are both inhumane and unsustainable. Non-vegan wrinkle creams use squalene taken from the livers of sharks.

Thankfully, humane alternatives have been developed and squalene can now be derived from a variety of sources including amaranth, olive oil, and rice bran. We use olive squalane (a more stable version of squalene) in one of our most popular vegan wrinkle creams, our Peptide Eye Plumping Crème.  

Oleic Acid

In many soaps and moisturizers, oleic acid is used as a softener and conditioner. Oleic acid, like glycerin, is derived from the tallow from animals like cows, sheep and pigs. Our Carrot Root Cleansing Lotion is specially formulated with Amazonian Fruit Butter, which is rich in oleic acid, making it perfect for dry and sensitive skin. To source oleic acid in a humane fashion, it can be derived from coconuts, olives and other types of nuts.

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Savy Guthrie has been a PA working in dermatology for 17 years and has worked in medicine for 20 years overall.  She has treated tens of thousands of patients, helping them achieve healthy, beautiful skin. 

Savy Guthrie is a dermatology PA with 17 years of patient care experience and is the founder of Theoderma Skin Care.

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