We created Theoderma
for the educated consumer

For the people who see through the gimmicks and false claims...

The natural product market can be overwhelming. With some brands claiming to be natural but omitting ingredients from their label, while others are natural but test their products on animals...and then there are the brands that are natural AND cruelty free but not really delivering results! It can be frustrating trying to find the right solutions for your skin type.
We wanted to offer people something better...different.  

So we use mindfulness
as our guide

All of our vegan certified products are crafted in an Eco certified lab, using clean actives and premium botanicals that are ethically farmed. 
To ensure purity and optimum freshness,
we steam distill our extracts on site. 
No hidden ingredients, no animal testing, ever.
Just advanced antioxidant blends to deliver maximal free radical fighting and age restoring benefits...even for the most sensitive skin.

Meet the founder

Hi, I am Savy Guthrie, the founder of Theoderma Skin Care and our origin story is a little different than most.   Unlike several other natural brands, I didn't start this company after overcoming a medical condition or finding a new hobby in product crafting. 

My passion has always been skin care.  In fact, I've dedicated my professional life to it! 
 As a dermatology PA for the last 17 years,  I've helped tens of thousands of patients get the gorgeous skin they want. How?  Because I don't believe there is such a thing as bad skin- just a lot of bad products and misinformation.  

I experienced it first hand.  Having sensitive skin, and being frustrated  with the natural skin care market,  I began crafting products for me and family in 2011.  

But over the years, as patients asked what kind of skin care they should be using, I felt like a hypocrite recommending products to them that I would never use on myself.   

So I set out to give my patients what they wanted and partnered with an eco certified lab to create Theoderma.  
 I do hope you will give us a try and experience the difference EXPERIENCE makes!

Experience the difference EXPERIENCE makes..