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I'm Savy Guthrie and I am so glad that you are here!

With over 16 years of dermatology experience working as a Physician Assistant, I’ve been helping patients with all types of skin achieve the results they’re looking for so that they can truly love their skin.  If fact, it was watching the struggles of my patients as they tried to navigate the natural product market that sparked Theoderma Skin Care...let me explain how.


It started back in 2011 when I began having some skin issues. I wasn't too concerned...after all, I had lots of tricks up my sleeve and as a skin care expert I had endless resources at my disposal.  Plus, my colleagues were all sure it was rosacea.

Yet, despite everything I tried, NOT ONE prescription drug worked to clear my skin. That’s when I turned to natural products for help. I tried product after product, but still I saw no improvement.

My skin was on a roller coaster ride and I couldn't believe nothing was helping...

The "Natural" Lie

That is when I started researching natural products and discovered a startling truth...that many of those products hid behind the label of purity but were anything but.

Many products were in fact hiding harsh chemicals that had been used to extract their ingredients from their sources or to preserve them.  And, even though those chemicals were present in the final “natural” product, they weren’t included on the label. 

It finally made sense why my skin was a mess.   So I decided to stop everything I had been doing and began formulating products myself, chemical free and pure.

And just like that, my skin cleared!  So for years, I was happy with that...the thought of starting a company never even entered my mind.

But day in and day out  I saw my patients experiencing the same frustrations as I had.  Bouncing from product to product trying to find something they tolerated that actually worked.  They would ask me what I used on my skin, and where they could get it.  It was then that I realized that there were more people out there, just like me, who wanted something different out of their skin care routine.

People who were tired of the lies, who wanted quality ingredients in their products, and who cared how those ingredients were sourced.  People who cared what the cost of animal farming was on the environment and who supported the ethical treatment of animals.

People who wanted gorgeous, amazing skin, and who were tired of being duped by false natural products.

Combining Science and Nature

So I set out to give my patients what they wanted.  Except now, instead of my kitchen, we make each and every Theoderma product in an eco-certified laboratory on vegan dedicated equipment.  

We craft them in small batches using premium ingredients that are ethically farmed and we steam distill the botanical extracts on site.  That ensures optimal freshness and purity, all without any harsh chemicals, ever.

Unlike other brands that merely write "Vegan" or "Cruelty Free" on their products, every Theoderma product has been certified by Vegan Action and Leaping Bunny- for cruelty free, vegan skin care you can trust.

I hope that you will try our products as we work to redefine natural and reawaken the healthy, amazing skin you were born with.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and my team at Customer Care

We promise to answer your email and help get you on the path to healthy vibrant skin.


Savy Guthrie MPAS, PA-C

Founder, Theoderma Skin Care

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