We created Theoderma
to simplify your skin care

Because who's got time for detective work?

The natural product market can be overwhelming. With some brands claiming to be natural but omitting ingredients from their label, while others are natural but test their products on animals...and then there are the brands that are natural AND cruelty free but not really delivering results! It can be frustrating trying to find the right solutions for your skin type. 

So we use mindfulness to guide us-

All of our vegan certified products are crafted
in an Eco certified lab, using clean actives
and premium botanicals that are ethically farmed. 
To ensure purity and optimum freshness,
we steam distill our extracts on site. 
No hidden ingredients, no animal testing, ever.

Meet the founder, Savy Guthrie

Savy is a skincare expert with 17 years of experience as a dermatology PA.
(20 years in medicine overall) 

She has treated patients with all different types of skin and skin problems, so she knows a thing or two about skin care.  ☺️

As a healthcare provider, Savy has always taken a holistic approach to medicine, seeking to combine prescriptions with natural remedies to provide optimal
outcomes for her patients.   
She began crafting skin care products in 2011 for herself and family due to issues and frustrations she was experiencing with her skin.  She had no intention of starting company.   

It was watching her patient's struggle to navigate the natural product market that inspired her to create Theoderma Skin Care. 

Experience the difference
as we work to redefine Natural