Mindfully Crafted

Ethically sourced botanicals

No animal testing at any stage of product development

Vegan Certified

Our Difference is Experience

Hi, I am Savy Guthrie, the founder of Theoderma Skin Care and our origin story is a little different than most.  

Unlike several other natural brands, I didn't start this company after overcoming a medical condition or finding a new hobby in product crafting.  My passion has always been skin care.  In fact, I've dedicated my professional life to it!

As a dermatology PA for the last 17 years,  I've helped tens of thousands of patients get the skin they want. How?  Because I don't believe there is such a thing as bad skin- just a lot of bad products and misinformation. 

I experienced it first hand.  Having sensitive skin, and being frustrated  with the natural skin care market,  I began crafting products for me and family in 2011. 

But over the years, as patients asked what kind of skin care they should be using, I felt like a hypocrite recommending products to them that I would never use on myself.  

So I set out to give my patients what they wanted and partnered with an eco certified lab to create Theoderma. 

I do hope you will give us a try and experience the difference EXPERIENCE makes!