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Skin Is My Passion

 I’m Savy Guthrie, and I have been a dermatology PA for the last 17 years.

Being in the business has made me a product snob- I admit it.   I know how other products are made

 ~how ingredients get omitted from the labels

 ~how cross contamination happens during manufacturing

 ~how animal testing is conducted overseas but companies claim to be cruelty free.

So 9 years ago I started crafting my own skin care...Problem solved.  Starting a company never crossed my mind.

BUT  I treat my patients the way I treat myself and my family.  So when they’d ask me for skin care recommendations I felt terrible. 

How could I give them a regimen to use that I would never use on myself?  They were like me- they wanted the highest quality, vegan ingredients made by someone they trusted. And that is how Theoderma came to be. 



Mindfully Crafted

Ethically sourced botanicals

No animal testing at any stage of product development

Vegan Certified

30 Guarantee- No Hassle Returns